September 2018  
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Music Ministry
Department Head: Jaqueline Dornbach

Music plays an important part in every single service. Music is a means of expressing thought, feeling, emotion, desire, and longing. Music uplifts, it motivates, and it is a powerful tool of worship and adoration to our God! We believe that our worship and praise should be unto God and not just for the entertainment of those listening.

We strive for excellence in our musical abilities, but still strongly believe in the importance of focusing more on God and less on ourselves during an actual worship service. The goal of this ministry is to usher in the presence of God during a service. We choose a combination of contemporary christian and gospel music to express our praise and worship unto our great God.

We are always looking for people who love to worship God to join our worship team. Please feel free to contact Jaqueline Dornbach at for more information.