September 2018  
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Nursery Ministry
Director: Barbara Morgans

They are the pride and joy of our lives, but let’s face it… they don’t typically do that well sitting quietly in church! For this reason, we have a qualified staff on-hand for every one of our services. Each staff member has gone through an exstensive background check and is a gentle and compassionate person with sincere love for children.


Our volunteers will not just “watch” your young child, but they will color pictures with them, talk to them about Jesus, and even pray with them. Then, when service is over and you have taken time to pray, you will be able to head down to our lower level and pick them up when you are ready. This ministry is always free-of-charge and is available for all children ages 0-3.


Our nursery is located in the lower level of the church where you will also find the rest of the children's ministry rooms located.