Why the Name?


In the Old Testament (Joshua 20), God appointed six cities of refuge for His people, the Israelites. The Hebrew name for those six cities literally meant the following:

  • Fellowship
  • Righteousness
  • Shoulder
  • Joy
  • Fortress
  • Heights

The vision of Refuge Church is that our church will provide these things to our community. We want to be...

  • A place of fellowship and fun, where relationships can be built and you know people love and care about you!
  • A place of righteousness, where the goal of our lives is to become more and more like Jesus Christ with each passing day!
  • A place where you will find a shoulder to help you. Maybe it is a shoulder to help carry a load, or maybe it is just a shoulder to cry on!
  • A place of joy, where true happiness comes from the inside out, and you look forward to each passing day instead of worrying and dreading it!
  • A place of fortress, where you can find protection and safety when you feel overwhelmed!
  • A place of heights, where you can go to new spirtual and personal heights where you have never dreamed of being!

Here's something you have, but you will not automatically have these things in your life just by visiting our church. Our church is not the source of refuge. We are a place where you can find the source of refuge! We aim to be all of the things stated above, but without truly knowing and walking with your Savior, you will never find true joy or fulfillment. You will never find refuge. God is your refuge. You will find Him here at Refuge Church.