Refuge church of liberty

Refuge is a church where people in Liberty, MO, and those watching online, can experience Jesus! Refuge

is a church where everyone can experience hope and build purpose. We believe that Jesus has
a beautiful journey for your life and we are excited to join you in your journey.

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The church building is located in Liberty, Missouri on Nashua Road near the water tower. We're right next door to Lewis & Clark Elementary School (and they're kind enough to let us use the school parking lot when our lot fills up).  There is plenty of accessible seating so if you have any special needs - don't worry! 

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1315 Nashua Rd. 

Liberty, MO 64068

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Service Times:

Sunday Afternoons - 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday Nights* - 7:00 p.m.

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All services last right around an hour. 

We offer something for children and students every time we gather.

*The first Wednesday of each month will be Full Church Prayer.

Our church gathers together to pray as a family of believers. 


Join us for a sunday AFTERNOON or wednesday night service!

  • Transparent people
  • Multicultural
  • Live worship team
  • Children & Student Ministries
  • The presence and Spirit of God
  • People in pursuit of a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ

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Our Mission:

Experience Hope  |  Offer hope.

The New Testament church was built on people experiencing the hope of salvation and then turning and offering that newfound hope to someone else. Oftentimes the Bible calls this "discipleship."  We feel like the church is people and not just a building, and whenever someone interacts with the people of God they should always feel hope. Not a temporary hope like a sports team winning or that we get hired for a job, but an eternal hope that no matter what we are going through we can rest assured that God sees us and knows exactly where we are. Our church exists as a place and people through which someone can Experience Hope, and then turn and Offer Hope to someone else through the power of God's Spirit.