ROCK KIDS (ages 5-11)


Every Sunday and Wednesday service is designed with our children in mind. We want them to be able to experience:

  • Their own worship,
  • To learn about ministering to others,
  • Experience plays and skits on their level,
  • Focused teaching with age-appropriate lessons,
  • Hear from their pastor,
  • Opportunity to pray with peers,
  • See their parents worship,
  • Experience the family atmosphere of a Sunday service,
  • Have fun,
  • Grow in their knowledge and relationship with God,

Online Check In

If you would like to get your child's information into our database before you visit (so you don't have to do it when you get there), feel free to submit that in advance by clicking HERE to go to our online check in form. 

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to send an email directly to our Director of Children's Ministries by clicking HERE.


  • Sunday R.O.C.K Church

    This is a full-fledged church service for your child. Each Sunday, you will check your child in downstairs, and then they will be sitting upstairs with you for about three songs of worship. At this time, they will be dismissed with our staff and security team to head to the lower level. The ROCK Church Team has an entire worship service, a game, a lesson, and an altar call with music where all the kids come up and respond in prayer. Powerful things happen for these children at these services! They feel the love of Jesus and learn how to worship and pray at a young age!

  • Wednesday R.o.c.k. academy

    Each Wednesday night, the children get checked in and stay in our lower level for the entirety of the service. This is where they learn life-lessons about prayer, faith, trusting Jesus, and reading the Bible. Staff volunteers will also mix in fun games and snacks for the children. These are special times that allow for the children to build stronger relationships with both Jesus and others!

  • kid's choir

    Kids typically love music. Throughout the year, they will learn songs to perform in the main sanctuary for special events like Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas. 

  • family night

    On the 5th weeks of a month, we will have special family services.  Any interested child shows up 35 minutes before our normal service start time, and they are allowed to serve in whatever ministry they so desire. We have children ages 4 to 11 serving as front door greeters, ushers, praise singers on the platform (yes, even holding microphones), and others will work in the audio/visual booth learning how to run sound, projection, and livestream. Pastor Gary will even call the kids up and ask for them to help read his Scriptures during his lesson that night! This night is family-friendly while allowing children to worship with parents and learn about ministry at a young age!

  • Special services

    Occasionally we will also offer a service in the main sanctuary that is just geared at kids from start to finish. This way the adults can take part in what goes on in Children's Ministry on a regular basis.

  • events and outings

    Every year our chaperones take a group of children on a five-day summer camp that is about six hours away from Liberty. The week consists of sports, church services, and all kinds of food and fun. We also have an annual Father/Son Getaway and a young ladies getaway too. Keep an eye on this website for future events, or just click HERE to see what's coming up next. 

  • bible quizzing

    Each year from January through July we offer a ministry called Bible Quizzing. Teams are broken down by age and experience and our coaches meet weekly with the teams to memorize the Word of God. Then, once a month, the teams travel somewhere in the state of Missouri to compete against teams from other churches. This is a great ministry that gets the Word of God in the hearts of our children, and it also teaches them to handle both winning and losing.