IMPACT Student Ministry

Impact Student Ministries is designed to help middle school and high school students grow their faith, character, and their relationships. We do not just train students and teach them the Word of God, we also give them opportunities to minister, go to camps and on missions trips, and we also love to have a blast! Below is a short list of some of the things we offer.

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  • Youth service

    On the first Wednesday night of every month, students will remain downstairs for their own service geared at them while the adults are upstairs. This service features their own youth band and praise team, activities focused on their age group, a message for them, and then an altar call where they are encouraged to respond in prayer. 

  • Family Night

    On the second Wednesday night of each month, all the ages (other than nursery aged 0-4) stay upstairs for the entire service. This allows families to enjoy an entire night of family worship and the Word.

  • breakout sessions

    On the last Wednesday nights of the month, the youth group has breakout sessions where there are not just Biblical lessons, but there's also valuable discussions that aims to apply Biblical principles to real-life topics. This is a key component of what we do because youth need to have a voice and a safe place to discuss some of the things they go through on a regular basis.

  • Sunday school

    This is what many would know as their "traditional" teaching for youth at a church. On Sunday mornings from 10:00 to 10:40, the youth group heads to the youth room where our team offers a Biblically-based lesson and discussion. At 10:40, the entire youth group heads into the sanctuary to enjoy the rest of worship and to hear from their pastor before leaving. 

upcoming events!

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  • ISM Thanksgiving PArty

    Please join us for our Impact Student Ministries Annual Thanksgiving Party. This will be held on November 16th at the church. Click here or on the turkey for more details!


Your student's safety is our first priority. All IMPACT Student Ministry volunteers pass a background check, and we have a trained security staff to ensure your student's safety. No adult is ever allowed into the Children and Student area unless our staff has approved a background check and they are volunteering. No worries though... we have cameras installed in every room so you can come downstairs and see and check on your student at any time!

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to send an email directly to our Youth Pastor by clicking HERE.