small groups

The Bible tells us how the New Testament Church gathered together both publicly and house-to-house. Great things happen in both places! So in addition to our services and other events, we also are a small group church. 

Types of Small Groups:

  1. Discussion Groups (Discussing life and Biblical principles)
  2. Activity Groups (Going out and doing something)
  3. Bible Study Groups (studying the Word of God together)

Want more information?

Small group locations, facilitators, and topics change quarterly and each group has a limited number of spots... so make sure you sign up today!

Click here to view our small group registration page!

Still Have Questions?

We would love to help! Just email our Director of Small Groups by clicking HERE.

hyphen group

Most churches have children's ministry and a youth group. Then a lot have great things going on for young marrieds and family ministries. But what happens to that 18-30 group that hasn't gotten married yet and maybe do not have children? 

We call this age group and ministry "Hyphen". Just as a hyphen joins two words together, we believe that as one church we cannot forget about any age range or season of life. 

This group faces their own unique set of challenges and circumstances. So at Refuge, we have discussion groups, breakout sessions, and outings that focuses on them and allows them to build stronger relationships with both God and others. 

Michael and Rachel Robinson (pictured) serve as the Directors of this important ministry.  

Click HERE to contact them for more information.

Single adult Ministry (SAM)

Our SAM group is centered around helping single adults to understand, to live, and to demonstrate the five purposes of the New Testament church in today’s world by:

  • Uniting through FELLOWSHIP.
  • Developing through DISCIPLESHIP (mentoring).
  • Becoming stronger through WORSHIP (prayer).
  • Nurturing their gifts through MINISTRY.
  • Expanding themselves and their ministries through EVANGELISM

To provide education, growth, care, and fellowship focused around the unique life situations of single adults.

If you you're a single adult, 18 or older, looking for your place, come and join us!! 

Abigail Pottker (pictured) serves as the Director of this important ministry.  

Click HERE to contact her for more information.

local and global missions

We are passionate about showing you who Jesus is. We aim to engage in partnerships and events, both locally and globally, where we can further our vision of "Experience Hope. Offer Hope." If you would like to partner with us financially in offering hope to our local or global community, please click the link below to be directed to a list of specific ministries. Below is a list of just a handful of areas where we aim to take our vision beyond our walls.

Click here to support a specific aspect of our local or global mission.

  • Pantry of hope

    Our local church sponsored Pantry takes place the first and third Friday nights of every month (check our church calendar for any changes). We have a community Bible study from 6 to 7 p.m. followed by food distribution from 7 to 8 p.m. This way we can serve people with both spiritual and physical nourishment. 

    Click here to email our Pantry Director with any questions.

  • North american missions

    This is a ministry that plants new churches in communities across North America where there is no Apostolic/Pentecostal Church. Our church offers monthly financial support to every new United Pentecostal Church plant in the state of Missouri!

    Click here to learn more about the vision of our organization in North America.

  • Global Missions

    We offer monthly financial support for a number of United Pentecostal Church International Global Missionaries serving in countries all around the world. 

    Click here to learn more about this international vision of our organization. 

  • Community partnerships

    Recently, we honored our local First Responders with a service thanking them for all they do. We also prayed for their safety. We appreciate those who work so hard to serve our community. A group from our church also completed training and testing to be a part of the Liberty "Community Emergency Response Team" (C.E.R.T.). We aim to join in service to our community however we can.