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IMPACT Student Ministry

ISM is designed to help middle school and high school students grow their faith, their character, and their relationships. We do not just train students and teach them the Word of God, we also give them opportunities to minister, go to camps and on missions trips, and we also love to have a blast!  

10am on Sundays for youth Sunday School class:
This class is for ages 12 to high school graduate. After the Sunday School session, students head upstairs to catch part of worship and hear from our Pastor before we leave. 

Wednesday Night Schedule:

  • 1st Wednesday - Youth Service (students will remain downstairs for their own service geared at them while the adults are upstairs. This service features their own youth band and praise team, activities focued on their age group, a message for them, and then an altar call where they are encouraged to respond in prayer). 
  • 2nd Wednesday - "Family Wednesday" (This is a family-focused service where everyone stays upstairs for the entire service).
  • 3rd-5th Wednesdays - Breakout session for the youth to discuss how to apply Biblical principles to real-life topics.

Our goal on Wednesday nights is to give our students a well-rounded experience from worshipping, leading, serving, learning, and having fun. We want them to take ownership in their church now and not wait until they're married or out of high school!


Your student's safety is our first priority. All IMPACT Student Ministry volunteers pass a background check, and we have a trained security staff to ensure your student's safety. No adult is ever allowed into the Children and Student area unless our staff has approved a background check and they are volunteering. No worries though... we have cameras installed in every room so you can come downstairs and see and check on your student at any time!


Chad and Tiffany Condren love children and students! They serve as our Impact Student Ministry Youth Leaders and they do a great job. They're service in ministry has not gone unnoticed. Our organization recently recognized them as "Youth Leaders of the Year" as they chose them to honor out of more than 100 churches and church leaders! We are blessed to have them at Refuge Church! To contact Pastor Chad, feel free to email him at Tiffany oversees our Children's Ministry and you can contact her at